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Milsheff Flange Covers

Control Leaks &
Reduce Damage/Injuries/Downtime

IPCL offers the original "fully-indicating" flange covers that have been in use since 1948. These have the built-in indicator right in the material!

Made from the best quality materials, they are used in chemical plants, oil refineries, paper mills, food processing plants, steel mills, pharmaceutical plants, and power generating plants worldwide.

Available in two materials

1. MODERATE-TEMPERATURE VINYL COVERS—fully-indicating (meaning the actual material changes color, not just a patch) for installations where temperatures do not exceed 220°F. You can actually see where a leak occurs by the color change on that part of the cover! Resists acids, caustics, most other industrial chemicals. Available in all sizes for valves, and 1⁄4" up to 36" for flange covers.

2. HIGH-TEMPERATURE TEFLON COVERS—for continuous protection on pipelines carrying fluids with up to 500°F temperatures. Made from PREMIUM GRADE Teflon material, our Teflon covers withstand these high temperatures and, like vinyl, are resistant to external acids, caustics, and most other industrial chemicals. An indicating swatch is built-in to flange cover bottoms to provide the same early-warning of leakage as the Vinyl fully-indicating models.

Two Types of Covers Available for all ASA sizes from 1/2" up.

Type 1 is for welded and back-welded joints where leakage is likely only between flanges.

Type 2 is for screw-on joints where leakage is possible between pipe and flange as well as between flanges.


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