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  Poly Processing Our Tank Systems
Poly Processing understands the very specific storage requirements for every chemical - so we have developed systems that meet the unique requirements of each product. The following systems have been designed to optimize your system's safety, longevity and compatibility, based on the properties of the stored chemical. Please note that each of these systems can be adapted to suit your particular needs.
Vertical Tanks
Standard-sized chemical storage tanks in crosslinked polyethylene for superior strength.
Available with OR-1000™ antioxident surface.
Vertical Tanks With IMFO®
Tanks with drainage at the true base, allowing for minimal sludge buildup and easier maintenance.
With Integrally Molded Flanged Outlet, or IMFO® system, the flange is molded while the tank is processing, making it a stress-free part of the tank. The flange is created from the same material as the tank – it’s not an insert introduced during or at post-production.
Insulated Version Available      

Safe-Tank® Systems
The SAFE-Tank® storage and containment system, the "tank within a tank", provides customers with a leveraged investment that offers peace of mind and environmental care. The high density crosslinked polyethylene SAFE-Tank® alleviates the need to build large, high-maintenance concrete containment areas. In the event of a spill, the SAFE-Tank® system's all-in-one design features a protected containment area that will safely isolate reactive chemicals, protect your employees from harm, and protect you from environmental remediation, all within the footprint of a standard vertical tank.

Advantages of SAFE-Tank®
• Provides 110% secondary containment.
• Will equalize the liquid and allow the chemical to be continually used until it is convenient to repair the tank.
• Is ideal for chemicals like sulfuric acid that can have dangerous exothermic reactions to water.
• Eliminates the expense, cost and maintenance of secondary concrete containment.
• Minimizes the system’s footprint by providing secondary containment in a more compact way.
• Adding a bellows transition fitting will maximize your SAFE-Tank® system's performance.

   Safe-Tank Technical Drawing

Cone-Bottom Tanks
Cone-Bottom Tanks
Generally used in a process environment, where the tank has to be 100% drained, and to address concerns about vortexing.
Open-Top Tanks
Open-Top Tanks
Process-oriented tanks that are typically used for blending or for containment. Open-top tanks often incorporate the use of mixer bridges.
Horizontal Tanks
Horizontal Tanks
Primarily used in the agricultural industry for application processes.
Secondary Containment Basins
Secondary Containment Basins
Used for the nesting of traditional vertical or vertical IMFO® tanks to meet secondary containment requirements.
Secondary Containment Basins
Fittings & Accessories

Fittings(IMFO Fittings, B.O.S.S. Fittings)

Plumbing (Butterfly Valves, Ball Valves, Hose Connections, Expansion Joints, Level Gauges)

Manway Covers / Lids (Bolted, Fume-Tight, Threaded, Hinged, Open-Top Cover)

Accessories (Ladder assemblies, Heat Pads & Insulation, Leak Detection, Agitators)

Restraints (Seismic & Wind Restraints)

Vents (Mushroom Vents, U-Vents, Scrubbers)



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